What We Do

The Pomeroy Family Association (PFA) co-ordinates worldwide research into the family history of everyone bearing the surname Pomeroy, Pomroy, Pomery, Pummery, Pumroy, de la Pomerai, Pommeroy, Pummeroy and de Pomeroy.

Since the 1990s we've been running a genealogical project that aims to reconstruct the family connections of every one of our name-bearers across the planet. Since 2000 this has been augmented by a global DNA testing programme. Today our combined documentary/DNA project is probably the most fully-developed surname reconstruction project of its kind — certainly for a surname found in the UK population — and the DNA component of it is undoubtedly the best integrated within a traditional documentary genealogical study of any in the world.

We're here to help your research

We are happy to help any researcher to unravel the history of their Pomeroy forebears. To tap into our resources, here's what we ask you to do:

1. If you have a specific research query or person you are trying to trace, post your query on the appropriate Ancestry surname bulletin board for Pomeroy, Pomery or Pomroy. We monitor posts on these boards which we use instead of running our own...[read more]

2. If you wish, or if your query is not specifically a research query, you can email us the same details using the email address on the left-hand column of this page. We will try and respond as quickly as we can. We won't give you a copy of a finished family tree, but we should be able to give you details from it and signpost you to other researchers and online resources.

3. If you wish, sign up for our blog which will keep you informed of things we're doing...[read more]

4. Download the latest edition of our project's Annual Report to read about our current findings and hypotheses...[here]

5. Finally, if you want to support us more directly we'd welcome you to join the PFA; please email us your contact details. We will pass your email on to your local rep who will handle the simple membership process with you. In the UK the annual fee is £10. The rates for other currencies are fixed and roughly in line with the UK rate...[read more]

Chris Pomery
Archivist & Webmaster