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Our blog's address is which is hosted ourselves at Click on the link and you will see the Wordpress address appear in the browser address bar; don't worry, this is normal!

Anyone can follow our blog. You can bookmark it yourself and return as and when you like, or you can sign up via these links so that new posts and/or comments to posts appear within your browser automatically. If you want to sign up on the blog page itself, look for the two RSS links in the right-hand column of the blog under the heading Technical & Help.

The principal purpose of the blog is for us to announce what the PFA is doing and how our research project is progressing. It's not designed to be a bulletin board where everyone can post their research queries. We encourage you to place your queries online, where we and others can comment and follow up on them, but the best place to do that is on the appropriate Ancestry surname bulletin board for Pomeroy, Pomery or Pomroy. As a service to members, we may from time to time re-post some of those bulletin board queries on our blog.
Our blog is run by our Archivist, Chris Pomery, and our Membership Secretary, Derek Iremonger.

All PFA members with an email address are automatically enrolled as followers of the blog; non-members have to sign up individually.